About the Program

Description: The Practitioner Programme supports participants to build capability and practice to serve as Courageous Conversation™ Practitioners within their personal lives, industry sectors and communities.

Upon completion of the programme, Practitioners are eligible for certification through Pacific Educational Group (PEG). Certified Practitioners receive ongoing coaching, support and connections through the Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute and PEG. Internationally accredited Coaches support continued practice and implementation as Practitioners continue to seek opportunities to lead for racial equity transformation.


The Practitioner Programme is intended to be a guided journey into deepened racial consciousness. It incorporates self-discovery, knowledge, practical application, and reflection in the various programme modules and events.

Sustained engagement, participation and completion of the programme will enable Certified Practitioners to:

  • Understand the various components of the Courageous Conversation Protocol;
  • Understand the personal and interpersonal purpose of each part of the Protocol;
  • Apply Protocol when analysing and developing meaning around current and critical events;
  • Apply Protocol when engaging with personal and professional associates;
  • Utilise the Protocol to guide others in developing racial consciousness and productive racial discourse;
  • Consistently engage in self-reflection and mindfulness to process through racialised fears, triggers and obstacles;
  • Craft, expand, and articulate his/her Racial Autobiography™


To become a Certified Practitioner, participants will be guided to delve into authentic, honest, and courageous self-reflection. Without this depth of openness, participants will be unable to achieve the racial consciousness, racial discourse, and internalisation of Protocol necessary to have productive, generative discussions about race. The Practitioner Programme is supported by intensive coaching. Coaching occurs in and through the use and modelling of Protocol. It is designed to ensure you are pushing out of your comfort zone and developing the Will, Skill, Capacity and Knowledge to identify, unpack and carve out your socialised racial dysconsciousness. Certified Practitioners will be supported to develop the critical racial consciousness necessary to engage in and lead, more effective conversations about race.

Benefits of Certification

  • Position yourself as a leader in relation to your organisation’s strategic equity and inclusion objectives
  • Access ongoing support from internationally accredited Coaches
  • Connect to regional, national, and worldwide networks of racial equity leaders
  • Gain perspectives and best practices from other Practitioners based on experience
  • Enrich and provide follow-up support for your colleagues’ experiences of Beyond Diversity™
  • Gain distinguished affiliation with Courageous Conversation South Pacific Institute

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