Program Expectations

The Affiliate Program provides a certification process to develop individuals to lead Courageous Conversations About Race (CCAR)™ at the CCAR Practitioner Level.  Affiliates work in their own districts and organizations to build system capacity and sustainability for racial equity transformation. The virtual certification courses combine online learning, video teleconferencing and field practice.


The Affiliate Practitioner Certification Process is a comprehensive training program designed to enable qualified applicants to serve CCAR Practitioners. Courageous Conversation (CC) is the developer and owner of a unique diversity training Protocol: Courageous Conversations About Race (CCAR)™. The Affiliate Certification Program fulfills CC's intent to enable widespread implementation of the CCAR™ protocol to assist individuals, teachers, administrators, community members, parents, students, districts and more to begin to successfully create equitable organizations, classrooms, schools, and communities.

Upon successful completion of the program's 50-hour online training and live community of practice day, participants will receive Affiliate CCAR Practitioner certification.


CCAR Practitioner certification prepares individuals to:

  • Define each component of the Courageous Conversations About Race (CCAR)TM Protocol
  • Understand the personal and interpersonal purpose of each part of the CCARTM Protocol
  • Apply Protocol when analyzing and developing meaning around current and critical events
  • Apply CCARTM when engaging with personal and professional associates
  • Utilize the CCARTM Protocol to guide others in racial literacy development and healthy racial discourse
  • Consistently engage in self-reflection and mindfulness to process through racialized fears, triggers and obstacles
  • Craft, expand, and articulate his/her Racial AutobiographyTM

50-hour online training consists of:

  • (1.0 hour) Orientation:  Web/phone session while Affiliate candidates are online at the computer. Complete course registration. Practice online technology components. Receive course outline and expectations for participation and completion.  
  • (36.0 hours) Online curriculum with feedback: Required text: (2015) Courageous Conversations about Race by Glenn Singleton.  Read text prior to course. Review text during course to complete module before live training day. Participants will submit self-recorded videos during the course and receive progressive coaching and feedback as they practice CCAR. This is an essential piece to coaching Affiliate candidates as they progress through the online course.
  • (2.0 hours) Scheduled online webinars: Participants are required to attend both one-hour webinars: (4pm PST)(5pm MST)(6pm CST)(7pm EST).
  • (8.0 hours) Live community of practice day: Travel to the training location is the responsibility of the Affiliate. Preparation is required to internalize the CCAR™ Protocol to participate in interactive learning activities and to receive coaching and feedback.
  • (3.0 hours) Additional self-study, review, reading.

Affiliate CCAR Practitioner Certificate is provided once online assignments, webinars and live training day are completed.

In district/organization coaching:

Courageous Conversation (CC) expects to receive notice of in-district/organization scheduled PDs in order to provide certified Affiliate CCAR Practitioners with ongoing opportunities to practice and lead others in CCAR™. CC expects the organization/district contact(s) above to provide reasonable opportunities for Affiliates to lead activities that help all staff internalize the Protocol.

  • We recommend CCAR™ be co-facilitated in interracial pairs.
  • CCAR Practitioner Affiliates are not licensed to deliver any part of Courageous Conversation's signature one-day CCARor two-day BD seminars or curriculum.
  • Ongoing coaching will be provided for continued development and assessment.

-Virtual 6.0 hours of group/district/organization coaching blocks may be scheduled to assist Affiliates prepare or process leading CCAR™ in district/organization PD or meetings by contacting [email protected]

-Monthly 1.0 hour CCAR Affiliate Webinars are available to both engage, sustain and deepen Affiliates' personal CCAR practice, along with opportunities to lead others in CCAR during the interactive hour. (Webinar schedule, log-in information and podcasts of previous webinars are available to certified Affiliates in the CCAR Online Resource Center. Contact [email protected] for details).